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Scenes from the 1918 Cyclone


The Rock 1"The Lone Rock - At one time a massive piece of sandstone stood a short distance from the north bank of the Wisconsin River. The rock became a landmark for early river raftsmen and was known as 'Lone Rock' from which the town took its name.
The rock was cut and used for basements and foundations in the village.. What is left of the rock is located west of Highway 130 across from Brace Park."
So says the sign in Brace Memorial Parkjust across the road from the rock. The picture in the upper left is a view looking southat the rock, now a tree covered hillock. This view is from a very old photograph taken when the rock was actually there. The picture at the upper rigThe Rock 2ht is a view looking north at what remains of the small hill where the rock stood. The water in the foreground is a backwater of the Wisconsin River and not the main channel. East of the bridge shown in the picture the backwateris known as Long Lake. It is estimated that the rock, in order to be seen by the raftsmen, had to be at least 80 feet high or roughly twice as high as it is now. The picture at the left is a view looking west at the rock from the entrance to Brace Park. The rock and park are located less than a mile from the village limits and was once a part of the 325 acre Ball farm. The early raftsmen seldom tied up at "Lone Rock" because the river was very swift, making it hard to navigate, and there was always the rocky cliff on the south bank which gave rise to the name, at this turn in the river, of the "Devils Elbow".





Lone Rock History Time Line


The town of Lone Rock was born with the coming of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad. Lone Rock became the shipping center of the county and had a population of nearly 1000 people.

J. O. Phelps was the first merchant.
Joseph Wade sold groceries.
Samuel Hahn was another merchant.
Garrett Cuson was the first carpenter.
H. A. Anderson was the first jeweler.
Lorenzo Burroughs was a jeweler and also a barber.
Henry Paddleford opened the first hotel.
The American House was another hotel.
The first school was held above Dr. J. N. Cassell's drug store.
Dr. J. N. Cassell was the town's first doctor.



The first school house was erected. It was a frame building, later used as a primary school and is still standing.
The second doctor to arrive in Lone Rock was Dr. R. L. Telfair. He also opened the town's second drug store
The Methodist Church was moved here from Richland City.
The Lone Rock Post Office was established.


William Carey Wright was the first lawyer in Lone Rock.


The Masonic Lodge was moved to Lone Rock from Richland City.


A building that was built to house the grade school burned down.


The Haskell House was brought here from Richland City and later became the Dickerson House.


A new building was erected for the grade school to replace the one that burned
The Village of Lone Rock was incorporated on December 14.


The Eagle Fire Department was organized as a "Bucket Brigade".


The narrow gauge railroad line from Lone Rock to Richland Center was started.


A highschool was established, but was abandoned in 1882 because of expense.
The first newspaper, the "Lone Rock Pilot" was established by M. F. Sattendale. The paper was in print for about a year.


The narrow gauge railroad line to Richland Center was completed.


Mr. and Mrs. Al Culver purchased the ferry which was known as the "Rope Ferry" from George Doty. The ferry boat was 30 feet long and 12 feet wide.


The bronze monument to the Sixth Wisconsin Battery at Battery Park was dedicated


The village purchased land to erect a 24 x 40 foot, two story building to be used as a town hall. This is also where the jail was located.


The first telephone service in Lone Rock began this year. The telephone office was operated by the Frank Straub family, who the the grandparents of the bestselling author, Peter Straub
Three large buildings were destroyed by fire. This was the first major fire in the village. It was started by a charge set offf by a burglar attempting to blow open a safe in the Fuller and Foster store.


The Eagle Fire Company became a fire department with a fire engine and all fire fighting appaatus.


The second newspaper was establised and was known as the "Lone Rock Hustler".


Mr. and Mrs. Culver quit the ferry business and became tenders for the new toll bridge. The cost to use the bridge to cross the river was 25 cents.


One of the worst fires in the history of the village wiped out several substantial buildings.


Lone Rock Public Schools was built. This school closed in 1960 and the building has since been sold. It is now an apartment building.


The first woman doctor, Bertha Reynolds, came to Lone Rock, she was known as "Dr. Bertha".


Lone Rock was the principal village in the town of Buena Vista and it had second among the towns in Richland county..


The Village of Lone Rock purchased a lot from Galen Moore and erected a power plant.


A bid by Ed Hutler to build a new jail was accepted.


Death and destruction hit Lone Rock in the wake of a cyclone. Eighteen buildings were demolished, many others badly damaged. Three people lost their lives in this storm which swept a path nearly 300 feet wide. St. John's Catholic Church was destroyed.


The "Lone Rock Journal" was started by Moffet and Daniels and was published by Einar Hammer until 1945 when it was published by Don Turrell until it was discontinued in 1956.


Lone Rock Flight Service of the Federal Aviation Administration was commissioned.


Lone Rock had a temperature of 106 degrees.


State Hwy 130 through Lone Rock and north through Bear Valley to Hwy 154 was laid.
Mrs. Grace Lincoln gave the site for the new community building.
American Legion Post 383 was formed.
The Farmers Bank was robbed and the bandits got away with $2700 in cash.


The first meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary of the James P. and Michael Sullivan Post 383 was held.


The Junior Auxiliary was formed.


Five business establishments were destroyed by fire, known as the "Union Block Fire".


The first dial system for telephones went into operation.
The municipal sewer and water system was laid.


The first meeting of the Lone Rock Lions Club was held in the Lone Rock High School.


Lone Rock had a temperature of 53 degrees below zero.


Mrs. Judy Coopey began compiling data on establishing a library. The library was opened to the public in October.


The State Bank of Lone Rock was the scene of a daring robbery. The robbers escaped with $3863 in cash and as yet have not been apprehended.


On April 18, a fire started by person or persons unkown caused considerable damage to the Franklin Lodge building and the adjacent vacant building.


The new Franklin Lodge building was dedicated at cornerstone ceremony by the Grand Lodge F & AM of Wisconsin.


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